GenCon Panel

I have the honor of appearing on the GenCon Writers’ Symposium Panel “Social Media in Tumultuous Times,” moderated by the amazing Howard Tayler and featuring authors Briana Lawrence, Keith Law, Kirsten McFarland. It will air on Sunday, Aug. 2, 2020 at 11am EDT.

You can register for free tickets here, which Gen Con encourages you to “turn in” so they can count attendance.  (Don’t worry, I am part of the panel even though I am not listed in the description.)

Here is the full lineup of Writer Symposium panels. The video links will not go live until their scheduled premiere time.

Virtual cons are not the same as in-person but they are still a whole lot of fun!

Reflection on a Weekend of Trek

I had the pleasure of speaking at both Shore Leave 41.5 and the Modiphius Day of Honor this past weekend, and it was the most energizing, joy-filled block of hours I’ve experienced during all of quarantine (aside from writing the Trek content itself). Those of us in the geek world who are used to spending all summer con-hopping, were not sure how virtual cons would pan out, and while the experience is not the same once you disconnect from the device and find yourself back in your living room, the time spent in conversation had the same vibe that I have come to love about geek events that put passionate people together in the same room. What a joy to have a vision of the future to look toward that is feminist, and anti-racist, and environmentalist, and post-capitalist, and post-scarcity. What an even greater joy to get to geek out about it with wonderful friends and colleagues. These TV shows and movies and books and games are giving people not just a fun escape during these difficult times, but inspiration, hope, and a virtual table to gather around with other humans to feel more connected. And we all need that right now. I know I do.

I cannot express how thrilled I am to be writing for the Trek franchise, the Modiphius company, and alongside the best group of colleagues I could ever imagine. If you had told me five years ago what I would be doing today, it would have blown my mind. I am literally living a dream, through my writing, and through this community, and that is a thing I will celebrate forever. Thank you to everyone who made Shore Leave and the Day of Honor a success, and here’s to many more fun-filled events. Live long and prosper, my friends.

IMG_20200710_210447 (1)

Me after the Shore Leave panel on the upcoming Star Trek Strange New Worlds series.

Free Fiction Workshop Series

I’m pleased to announce I have the honor of creating a series of video fiction workshops for The Community Writing Center, which you can view free of charge. The link to register is here (select “Fiction Workshop Series”) and the viewing link will be emailed to you. There are three workshops, each about 90 minutes long, and the first one is on Characterization. If you can’t view the live stream at the stated days and times, you will be able to view the archived version on your own time.

Have fun writing!

fiction workshop

Book Release: Klingon Core Rulebook for Star Trek Adventures, and Day of Honor Event

Klingon book promo

It’s official! The new Klingon Core Rulebook for Star Trek Adventures is dropping from Modiphius, and I could not be more proud to have contributed to this beautiful book. You’ll find several sidebars penned by me scattered through the volume about various key moments in Klingon history, and it was an absolute joy to research Klingon culture, politics, battles, art, and more for my contributions. I will always love writing Star Trek, and this project was no exception.

If you’re not familiar with the officially licensed Star Trek Adventures table top role playing game from Modiphius, I highly recommend checking it out. Even if you’ve never participated in role playing games, if you are interested in Trek, you will love this game. I’m having a blast playing, as well as writing.

This Saturday, July 11, join us for a Day of Honor celebrating the book’s release. I will be participating on a panel at 3:15 EST. Find the full schedule here. 




Shore Leave Virtual Panel: Strange New Worlds

I’m pleased to be speaking on a panel about the upcoming STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS SERIES, as part of the virtual Shore Leave Convention. The panel will kick off the weekend of events, and will air at 7pm Eastern on Friday July, 10, 2020. See the schedule here. Hope to see you there!

Here is the official panel description:

7:00 – 8:00 pm Star Trek: Strange New Worlds with Christopher Bennett, John Jackson Miller, Kelli Fitzpatrick, Michael Jan Friedman, Dayton Ward, Amy Imhoff. What can we expect from the new Pike – Number One – Spock show? Is it just retreading old ground or will it provide a chance to explore more of the 23rd century with three compelling characters?

When Winter Comes Early

No one was prepared. Least of all the city street sweepers.

It’s the middle of November–the time of year for fall color and cozy sweaters and cute pumpkin-bedecked porches. It is most certainly NOT the time of year for several inches of wet, heavy snow that sticks around indefinitely even in the sunshine. But that’s exactly what my state got a few days ago. Out of the blue, in defiance of all reasonable weather reports, this region got dumped on in a rush of sloppy, slushy winter mess.

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