Scripting a Dream: Authorship as Language


“Are you dreaming in their language?”

A line from the recent science fiction film Arrival, starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner who play a linguist and a mathematician tasked with communicating with alien visitors. The two discuss how dreaming in a language denotes that a special line of language acquisition has been crossed–the subconscious is now expressing itself in this new mode of meaning.  Continue reading

How To Change The World


My Authors Guild student writing club is working through a poetry series, each month writing poems centered around a central theme. These themes are sourced from a list of core values of the pioneers of our city.

November’s theme was “Optimism.” No, I’m not kidding. Continue reading

My experience with Flash Fiction Challenge and why you should write outside your genre TODAY


Comedy. Of all the genres they could assign me, it had to be comedy.

Earlier this week, I found out I broke into the 3rd Round of the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge, meaning I got to advance to the next stage of the competition (a semi-final round, essentially) with the chance to qualify for finals in December. In my year plus of participating in NYC writing competitions, this is the furthest I’ve advanced.

But luck of the draw means a new set of random prompts for each round. And luck decided to stretch my abilities by throwing a genre at me that I’m less than confident in. Continue reading