Reflection on a Weekend of Trek

I had the pleasure of speaking at both Shore Leave 41.5 and the Modiphius Day of Honor this past weekend, and it was the most energizing, joy-filled block of hours I’ve experienced during all of quarantine (aside from writing the Trek content itself). Those of us in the geek world who are used to spending all summer con-hopping, were not sure how virtual cons would pan out, and while the experience is not the same once you disconnect from the device and find yourself back in your living room, the time spent in conversation had the same vibe that I have come to love about geek events that put passionate people together in the same room. What a joy to have a vision of the future to look toward that is feminist, and anti-racist, and environmentalist, and post-capitalist, and post-scarcity. What an even greater joy to get to geek out about it with wonderful friends and colleagues. These TV shows and movies and books and games are giving people not just a fun escape during these difficult times, but inspiration, hope, and a virtual table to gather around with other humans to feel more connected. And we all need that right now. I know I do.

I cannot express how thrilled I am to be writing for the Trek franchise, the Modiphius company, and alongside the best group of colleagues I could ever imagine. If you had told me five years ago what I would be doing today, it would have blown my mind. I am literally living a dream, through my writing, and through this community, and that is a thing I will celebrate forever. Thank you to everyone who made Shore Leave and the Day of Honor a success, and here’s to many more fun-filled events. Live long and prosper, my friends.

IMG_20200710_210447 (1)

Me after the Shore Leave panel on the upcoming Star Trek Strange New Worlds series.


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