“And what, you ask, does writing teach us? First and foremost, it reminds us that we are alive and that it is a gift and a privilege, not a right.” -Ray Bradbury

Fitzpatrick portrait

Hi! I’m Kelli Fitzpatrick, and I’m a writer. Not because I’m published. Not because I have an English degree. Not because people tell me they enjoy my stories. But simply because I sit down and write. Religiously.

Alright, I actually do most of my story-creating while not sitting down. I’ve found I’m way more creative while moving–running, walking, folding laundry, you get the idea. But eventually, pen must meet paper. Or fingers meet keyboard, in my case. Then the magic happens.

While I absolutely love the process of telling stories, my passion lies in helping others tell theirs, in watching as they learn to love their process. I’m blessed; I’m an English teacher, so I get to do this literally every day. And several times a week, I get to do it even more when my intrepid band of student writers meets with me for writing club.

Folks, I have known some pretty awesome experiences in my lifetime, but nothing compares with writing in a room full of young people who are all eager to share their stories and own their authorship. It’s inspiring. It’s exciting. And it’s my favorite part of what I do. We write together.

So glad you could join me.

Above photo credits: The photo of the interesting shells, stones, and beach glass I took while exploring the shores of the Boston Harbor Islands. The portrait was taken in my classroom with my vast collection of books (no seriously, they cover the whole wall).