Shore Leave 2019 Schedule

Ahoy folks! Shore Leave is upon us yet again, and I’m extremely excited to have been assigned to an amazing lineup of panels and workshops over the course of the weekend. The convention runs July 12-14 at the Hunt Valley Inn in Baltimore, Maryland. Here’s where you can find me, and hope to see you there!


When Winter Comes Early

No one was prepared. Least of all the city street sweepers.

It’s the middle of November–the time of year for fall color and cozy sweaters and cute pumpkin-bedecked porches. It is most certainly NOT the time of year for several inches of wet, heavy snow that sticks around indefinitely even in the sunshine. But that’s exactly what my state got a few days ago. Out of the blue, in defiance of all reasonable weather reports, this region got dumped on in a rush of sloppy, slushy winter mess.

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Shore Leave 40

I am pleased to be returning to Shore Leave sci-fi convention this year in Baltimore, MD. Here is my panel and workshop schedule for the weekend and a the link to my author guest page on the SL website.

End at the Beginning (Fri 5-6pm):
Our panel will talk about non-linear approaches to narrative structure, and will discuss stories in which it worked, and not.
Heather E. Hutsell (M), Kelli Fitzpatrick, David Mack, Joshua Palmatier, Stephen Kozeniewski

Science Fact (Sat 9-10am):
What really cool recent technologies and scientific breakthroughs or discoveries will shape our near future reality, as well as the way we tell genre stories?
Kelli Fitzpatrick (M), Phil Giunta, Christopher L. Bennett, Glenn Hauman, Mary Louise Davie

Outside In by ATB Publishing (Sat 2-3pm):
Meet the contributors to these essay collections on the likes of Doctor Who, Star Trek, Buffy, and more.
Laura Ware (M), Bob Greenberger, Amy Imhoff, Derek Attico, Lorraine Anderson, Kelli Fitzpatrick, Joseph F. Bernato

Character Creation Workshop (Sun 11am):
by Kelli Fitzpatrick, Aaron Rosenberg, Russ Colchamiro


Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Scripting a Dream: Authorship as Language


“Are you dreaming in their language?”

A line from the recent science fiction film Arrival, starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner who play a linguist and a mathematician tasked with communicating with alien visitors. The two discuss how dreaming in a language denotes that a special line of language acquisition has been crossed–the subconscious is now expressing itself in this new mode of meaning.  Continue reading