Panels and Press

XENOVITA RPG announcement–Feb. 16, 2022

Budgie Smuggler Games announces my involvement in the development of a new tabletop role-playing game called XENOVITA.

Conversations: Tales from the Klingon Empire–July 18, 2020

This panel of writers discussed writing for the Star Trek Adventures Klingon Core Rulebook. Hosted by Michael Dismuke of Continuing Mission.

Shore Leave 41.5: Strange New Worlds–July 10, 2020

A lively discussion on the upcoming Star Trek series called Strange New Worlds, with a panel of my friends and fellow Trek writers. Moderated by Amy Imhoff.

Modiphius Day of Honor–July 11, 2020

I was honored to sit on a panel of writers and Modiphius folks celebrating the release of the Klingon Core Rulebook, which took place during the Day of Honor, celebrating all things Klingon. I love writing for Star Trek Adventures, and it was great to get to talk about this project. Our panel starts at 22 minutes into the video.

Continuing Mission: Theater of the Mind–June 6, 2020

Host and Star Trek Adventures guru Michael Dismuke interviews Jim Johnson, Derek Attico, Al Spader, and myself about our experience playing and writing for Star Trek Adventures. We specifically delve into the “Theater of the Mind.”

Enterprising Individuals Podcast–Oct. 2, 2019

I get to talk Education and Star Trek with Aaron of Enterprising Individuals.

Shore Leave Podcast–Mar. 11, 2018

Hosts Heather and Jeff interview me and another guest about our positive experience at the Farpoint Convention in Baltimore.

How Authors Work Podcast–Oct. 1, 2017

Andrew and Paul of How Authors Work Podcast interviewed me about my writing process and the tools I use. I give some insight into my love of writing competitions, working in unfamiliar genres, and seeking opportunities to write what you love. The hour-long episode, entitled “I could write a comedy if I had to” is available on the podcast website.

File 770–Apr. 24, 2017

Carl Slaughter of long-running sci-fi news fanzine File 770 interviewed me about my writing career and experience writing for Strange New Worlds. The article is titled “Kelli Fitzpatrick, Breakthrough Author.” 

Women at Warp–Apr. 11, 2017

Writer and journalist Rich Schepis interviewed me about my Strange New Worlds story and the impact Star Trek has had on my two careers of teaching and writing. His article, “Teacher Takes Lessons from Star Trek to Enter New Frontier,” appears in Women at Warp. Rich was amazing to work with, and I’m honored to have my story showcased by a podcast that features women in Trek.

Screen Heroes Podcast–Sept. 7, 2016

While at Star Trek Mission New York, fellow Strange New Worlds author Derek Attico and I were interviewed by Derreck Mayer of Screen Heroes podcast. Derreck was a fantastic host, and asked us about our writing process and path to becoming published, as well as our experience at the convention. The interview appears in Episode 37 of Screen Heroes. 


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