Short Fiction

Strange New Worlds 2016

My Star Trek TNG short story “The Sunwalkers” was one of the winners of the 2016 Strange New Worlds contest and is published through Simon and Schuster in the Strange New Worlds 2016 anthology, available in various digital formats including Kindle, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, and others.

Flash Fiction Online

My short story “Artist in Wine, With Galoshes” is published in the May 2018 issue of Flash Fiction Online. 

Still Life Journal

My flash fiction story “Fish Bones” won the SVSU “Get to Work” writing contest and appears in the 2018 edition of Still Life journal.

KYSO Flash

The literary triptych “Lived Through, ” consisting of three connected stories appears in Issue 11 of KYSO Flash. The stories are: “To Still Her Completely,” “Breaking Up Light,” and “Burying Them Deep.” 

Exoplanet Demographics Conference (NASA)

As a sci-fi writer, I love getting to chat with scientists about their work, which is always rife with story ideas. Thanks to my friend and fellow writer Heather Clitheroe, I was able to participate in a STEAM collaboration between writers and scientists during the 2020 CalTech Exoplanet Demographics Conference, hosted by the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute. I was assigned a presentation by Daniel Thorngren, PostDoc at the University of Montreal, who was kind enough to spend over an hour on Zoom with me explaining his research on Hot Jupiters. I then wrote a short story inspired by his work, which appears in this e-zine. 

Turning the Tied

I’m proud to have a tie-in story for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea in the Turning the Tied anthology from the International Association of Tie-in Writers, which releases in March 2021. My story is a sequel to Leagues and features a new captain of the Nautilus. The anthology will benefit the World Literary Foundation. 

Thrilling Adventure Yarns 2021

My sci-fi noir adventure story entitled “The Shadow Lady of Docktown” appears in Thrilling Adventure Yarns 2021 from Crazy 8 Press, edited by Robert Greenberger. I am thrilled with both the way the story turned out and the beautiful illustration by Daerick Gross.


Star Trek Adventures: The Klingon Core Rulebook:

I had the honor of writing six sidebars for this beautiful RPG rulebook, which is available for order from Modiphius.

Star Trek Adventures: Shackleton Expanse Campaign Guide

As one of the principal authors for this volume, I got to design an original planet and species, and write an adventure, along with engaging in some amazing collaboration with the entire writing team.

Star Trek Adventures: The Gamemaster’s Guide

I served as the proofreader for this guidebook. My blog post about my experience can be read on Modiphius’ website.

Star Trek Adventures: The Player’s Guide

I served as the proofreader for this guidebook. My blog post about my experience can be read on Modiphius’ website.


Outside In Makes It So

My episode review entitled “Not Lost in Translation: The Ensigns of Command” appears in the Outside In Makes It So anthology from ATB Publishing (2017).

The Cyberpunk Nexus: Exploring the Blade Runner Universe

My essay on Blade Runner 2049 entitled “Dreadfully Distinct: The Symbolic Power of K’s Baseline” appears in The Cyberpunk Nexus anthology from Sequart (2018).

Somewhere Beyond the Heavens: Exploring Battlestar Galactica

My essay on Battlestar Galactica entitled “Not Really a Thing: The Personhood of the Cylon Ships” appears in an anthology from Sequart (2018).

“Trust the Mystery”: Michael Burnham and the Legacy of Faith in Star Trek

My article on faith in Star Trek was published on the Women at Warp blog on July 3, 2019.

“Would You Put a Holodeck in Your School?”

My Sept. 11, 2019 article on discusses how holodecks could transform reading education.

Outside In Gains A Soul

My essay analyzing the R. Tam Sessions (a series of promotional video clips for Serenity) entitled “To Protect My Spine: Allusion and the Trope of Female Sensitivy” appears in the Outside In Gains A Soul anthology from ATB Publishing (2019). Firefly fans rejoice!

“Surviving the Year of Hell: Insights from Star Trek Voyager”

My June 6, 2020 article on Women at Warp looks at the struggles of the year 2020 in relation to a beloved Voyager episode.

“Parallel Consequences: Themes of Responsibility in Bujold’s Knife Children

I am honored to contribute an essay to this ebook symposium edited by the wonderful Una McCormack. I examine the complex themes in Bujold’s 2019 novella.


My poem “tilting” appears in Still Life 2019.

My poem “as water” is in Dunes Review Winter/Spring 2019.

The two haiga poems “dear leaders” and “remnant” are published in KYSO Flash issue 12, summer of 2019.

My poem “Be” appears in Still Life 2020.

Craft Essays

My article “3 Lists of Paying Sci-Fi Publishers” appears in Authors Publish Magazine issue 218.

My article “5 Reasons Writers Should Read Often” is published in Authors Publish Magazine issue 217.

My article “7 Ways to Stay Motivated in Your Writing” is published in Authors Publish magazine issue 190.


I took 5th Place in the international NYC Midnight Short Screenplay Challenge 2017 with my sci-fi screenplay “Broken Hot Mess.”

I took 4th Place in the international NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge 2016 with my sci-fi story “To Stick a Star.”

I am the featured testimonial on NYC Midnight’s homepage.

Write on, world.

Above Photo Credit: This is a snapshot of one of the many cozy libraries I have encountered–and fell in love with–in my travels. This one is tucked into an alley in downtown Boston.


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